20 Year Reunion

I’ve recently been invited to the 20 year reunion of my graduating class.  Obviously the invite was a mistake, because there is no way I could be that old, but for the moment, let’s just go with it.

I visit my hometown each summer, but the reunion has been scheduled for October.  Unfortunately, I live in a galaxy  country far, far away and even though it would be fun to see everyone, it’s not thousands of dollars and 16 hours of travel time fun.

I missed my school’s ten year reunion, which I heard they had in a fancy hotel.  I don’t understand why real life can’t be like Hollywood in which all high school reunions are held in the high school gym.  Of course Hollywood never accounts for the likely remodeling and asbestos removal which would destroy the old high schools of twenty years ago, or the fact that some high schools were most likely turned into prisons or mental facilities (still a fun place to hold a reunion though!).  But if a school were to escape all of this, I think it would be more fun in a gym.

These days, people are invited to reunions by Facebook.  I like that because I can check everyone out before I go somewhere.  Of course, because of the reunion, everyone has heavily edited and removed many photos from their accounts.  Since I won’t be able to attend the reunion, I’ve got to do some work on my Facebook page.  Luckily I had a Photoshop course a few years ago, so I’m good photo-wise.  Now comes the career section.  I’m thinking of going with “Daredevil Mountain Climber” or “Prime Minister of Sweden.”   I think I could get away with it.  I’ll report back how it turns out.