Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow

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Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow
Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow
#123 This is Week 22
  • #123 This is Week 22

    #123 This is Week 22

    May 29, 2023 • 16:51

    Justin moved around from Colorado to Louisiana to Seattle and finally to Sweden. And what does he find the strangest? Week numbers!

  • #122 The Suburbs of Copenhagen

    #122 The Suburbs of Copenhagen

    May 15, 2023 • 25:28

    Steph lives in Malmö, but is originally from London. We discuss living in the south of Sweden, falafels, and startups.

  • #121 Living Your Best Life

    #121 Living Your Best Life

    May 1, 2023 • 20:37

    Karan, originally from India, has worked as a sous chef in Stockholm with some very well-known chefs. We obviously get some restaurant tips and learn why he hates putting raisins in lussekatter.

image shows an airplane in flight

Overheard on the Stockholm subway

“I fly to Toronto next week. It is maybe not best for the climate but I won’t drive while I’m there so maybe that evens out?”

We put the ‘fun’ in ‘funeral’

I found this lovely display of s’mores in the image search, but was very confused when I noticed the link was associated with a blog dedicated to funerals.

Magic phone bags

No phones are the norm for comedy performances these days. But in Sweden everyone is such a rule follower that it’s enough to simply ask us not to use our phones.

Why a goat?

Why are goats a thing in Swedish Christmas? Let’s look at the historical lore on the origins of the Christmas goat.

When will the goat burn?

I’m feeling a bit cold today and thinking of ways to warm up, so of course my thoughts are turning toward the giant straw Christmas goat that sits in the city of Gävle.

Important voting issues

What seems to be the most important issue after Sweden’s Election Day? Envelopes.

Texas journal

This summer I spent 3 weeks with my family in Texas. While there, I kept a journal about some of the interesting things I encountered.


Why have I forgotten to write anything in 2022? Find out!