A little sunshine

Quite a shock in Stockholm for the past few days as we have actually gotten a bit of sunshine!  As with every year, the family and I spend each day shielding our eyes when we walk outside.  Our vampire night eyes take a while to get used to seeing the sun again.  It’s a nice break from clouds and darkness.  It seems to encourage everyone to get out.

This week is the sport break in Stockholm.  Many families are taking a week long vacation to go…. skiing.  This is just something I will never understand.  “Oh, it’s been such a long, hard winter… snow everywhere.  I’m so cold….. What?  We have a week’s vacation?  Let’s go skiing!”

Maybe it’s just me.  I’m more of a beach person.  Or at least a “go somewhere completely opposite of where you live” person.

I hear it costs the same amount of money to go 4 hours away to ski as it does to take a vacation to the Mediterranean countries.  I think the choice is clear.

See you next week, Spain.