Bad omen or very tired bird?

A strange thing happened to us this weekend.  We left our apartment building and came back an hour later to find a very large, dead bird in the middle of our street.  It was an unusual bird – a water type – that should have migrated weeks ago.  It was very strange to find it in front of our building and odd that none of the other people had come out and noticed it.

But here’s the weird part….

We went up to our apartment and went into the kitchen.  The kitchen window had the imprint of a bird, complete with feathers and a little blood.

So the mystery was solved of how the bird appeared dead in our road.  However, the weird thing is that we live in a big building with 36 apartments and 4 floors.  Out of all of the windows the bird could have flown into, he flew into ours and we were the people who happened to find him by coincidence.

I say it’s a scary omen meaning death or something bad.

My husband says, “A bird flew in the window.”