I’ve noticed something.  I can’t believe I haven’t thought about this before, but Sweden is seriously lacking in the bubblegum market.  Most of the gum here is just for breath freshening.  Have the Swedes not realized the fun behind blowing bubbles?  Is this an American thing?  Hmm… could be I guess.  Playing with food instead of food serving a purpose.

There is only one brand of bubble gum here and it is not sold at every grocery store.  That brand is Hubba Bubba.  Didn’t Hubba Bubba go out of business in the 80s?  That’s what I said!  But apparently not.  They also sell Tab cola here.  Same thoughts on that one.

Bubble gum here only comes in 3 flavors – bubble gum, strawberry and cola.  Also, the pieces are half size to the American pieces.  Where is Bubbilicious?  Where are my liquid filled bubble gums?  In America, there’s so much bubble gum that you can make disgusting flavors without your company losing a profit.

I feel it is my duty as a parent to educate my children in bubble gum blowing.  Something so simple and common to me has now become a party trick to make me the coolest parent ever!  I’m like a cartoon character to my kids.  They tell their friends and they just can’t believe it.

I need to stock up on the real stuff next year.  Half size pieces of Hubba Bubba just don’t give the right effect.  Bubbilicious is the Dom Perignon of gum.  I can’t go around with this Euro Shopper nonsense.  My children must know the glory and pride that comes from actual, quality bubble gum.  I’m afraid they just may never know.