Flu Season

As many parts of the world, Sweden is experiencing a harsh flu season.  At least, that’s what I hear from the news.  Luckily it hasn’t yet hit our family.

Sometimes I think that I didn’t get sick as often in Texas, but then I realize that was probably because I had my own car.  Over here we use public transportation like buses and subways.  This way everyone is like a big happy family who shares all their germs.

I had the flu the first year I moved to Sweden.  My fever got very high and we had to go to the hospital.  It turned out that I had taken a martial arts class the week before in which I had taken quite a beating from my class partner which led to ugly blue bruises all over my arms.  When they pulled up my sleeves to take blood, I was covered in bruises.  The doctor never said a word.  Very strange.  Or maybe he thought I deserved to be beaten up.  haha!

That’s really my only flu story and it’s not a good one.