Happy Easter – Trick or Treat!

Today is Easter Thursday, Maundy Thursday, Holy Thursday, Thursday of Mysteries (I like that one!) and in Sweden – skärtorsdag.

In the U.S. there are church services which end with everything being covered in shrouds.  In many European countries, all the bells are silent and there is silence in the church. In Malta, you visit seven churches.  And in Sweden, “Young children often dress up as witches and knock on doors getting coins or candy for easter eggs.”

Which one of these doesn’t belong?

This is why Halloween doesn’t work well here.  People confuse it with Easter.

Traditionally the witches fly off to their blue mountain on this night.  Apparently they need to take lots of candy.

So while many kids in the U.S. will be attending silent, sad church services tonight, mine will be dressed up in scarves with freckles painted on their faces going around the building collecting candy.  To my friends in the U.S. – better not let your children read this or they’ll all be immigrating.