Heat lamp for the summer

We had to buy a heat lamp last week for the balcony so we can enjoy sitting outside IN THE SUMMER.

That’s right, it’s June and we bought a heat lamp.

Excluding today (which is 10 c! 50f ), the weather in Stockholm has actually been quite nice lately hovering around 20c (70f).  It’s been nice and warm.  We don’t even need jackets during the day.  (Except today – did I mention it’s 10 c!?!)

But the problem with our apartment is that the sun only shines on our balcony until around 2pm, which means that by dinner time, we are covered in shadows and freezing – thus the need for the heat lamp.

I did point out to my husband that this might also be nice in the winter when we are on our balcony.  We can sip umbrella drinks and wave across to our neighbors whose balconies are covered in 3 feet of snow.