How many women can fit in one restroom?

I went to a concert last week at Globen Arena in Stockholm.  I’ve been to events there before but have never had the “opportunity” to use the restroom.  Often during breaks or before shows, I see the typical long line of women outside the bathroom and consider myself lucky that I remembered to go before I left the house.

But last week, I was one of those women waiting in the bathroom line behind 40 other women.  I could have gone to another restroom, but all the lines were the same.  We had a 20 minute intermission and it took the entire 20 minutes just for me to get to the front of the line.  The entire time, I was thinking, “I just really need the toilet and all these other women must be taking their time checking their make-up or something!  What’s taking so long?!!”

Well, when I finally got to the front of the line, I realized what was taking so long.  There are only 3 stalls.  Three stalls in each womens’ restroom in a giant concert arena.  And I was at a concert for pop star Robbie Williams, which meant that the arena was 90% women.  Three stalls??!!!  Who built this arena?  Did they think it would only be used for hockey games?  I can’t even imagine how terrible it is when it’s a kids show like Disney on Ice.  Women AND small children all trying to pack into 3 stalls.

You men don’t know how good you have it sometimes.  In fact, many women in line were cursing the fact that we couldn’t use urinals.  Watch out Globen.  Eventually you’re going to have a major uprising on your hands.