I’ll pay for that beef jerky with my Google App if you don’t mind, Bertha.

So Google is introducing a new payment app where you simply tell the cashier you’d like to pay with your Google App and that’s it. No taking out a credit card or cash. A sensor detects that you have the app and sends the info to the cashier.

This is an interesting concept, though I’m not quite sure if this is actually going to be faster than a credit card, at least not in the beginning. I see the common Google payment transaction going like this:

“I’d like to pay with Google App.”
“Yes, can you hold your phone up to the sensor….. wait… a little higher…. lower….hmm….. turn it sideways? Ok, it’s coming up.  I have your name and photo now. Is this your correct name?  Alright then, I just have to enter the approval.  oh wait……  Umm…. can you hold up your phone one more time….. ok wait…..”

At least, that’s been my experience with many of the current cashiers at the stores I frequent using credit cards. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s an interesting idea and it could work, I’m just looking at how this works in reality and with our current education system.

I most look forward to using this in the tiny East Texas towns, where (and I’m not kidding) I’ve seen sales clerks not wearing shoes. I’m amazed when they even have a credit card machine, and if they do, I have to listen to some sort of government monitoring lecture and how they wouldn’t personally use a card because then the government would know they like to buy Kraft cheese, and you know what they could do with THAT information!

Good luck with the Piggly Wiggly stores, Google App. I see loads of entertainment in my future.

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