Infection Happy Hour

While I was at the doctor last week for a sore back, I saw signs posted on the wall that said, “Infection walk-ins from 10-11 every weekday.”
This is a new thing that our local doctor’s office is trying for the winter. If you feel like you might have a throat, ear or urinary tract infection, you can just come in at the walk-in time without an appointment to take a quick test and get a prescription if you need it.

I saw that sign, looked at the clock that said 9:45 and thought. NOOOOOO!!!!!  Because in my head, when I hear “infection walk-ins” I’m just thinking of a horde of infected zombies roaming slowly down the hall all at once.

Sure enough, when I came out of the office, it was 10:05 and there they were, about 15 of them all crowded by reception.  I held my breath and hurried through as fast as I could.  INFECTION HORDE!

I took a quick picture with my camera and attached it here. (Well, ok there might be a bit of photoshopping, but I swear this is exactly what they looked like!)