Irish narrators

Twice now I have tried to watch a program on the history of film only to be completely irritated and shutting it off within 10 minutes.  The cause of my irritation?  The Irish narrator.

Normally I love an Irish accent, but there’s a reason you never see documentaries narrated with an Irish accent.  It just doesn’t work!  Documentaries should only be spoken with a British accent or Morgan Freeman.

In addition to the Irish accent, the man has a speech problem where every sentence ends high like a question.  Here is why I can’t watch the documentary:

“Orson Welles was a great filmaker? Citizen Kane was a great movie? It starred Joseph Cotten?  The visual style was ahead of it’s time?”

It’s a shame because I’d love to watch this, but I simply can’t take it.  Or as the Irish narrator would say:

It’s not good narration? It’s very distracting? I can’t focus on the message?

Stick to music and Guinness and leave the documentaries to the Brits.