Issue one – Soup

I’ve been trapped in the house for a week now.  I’ve noticed when you don’t get outside, your world gets a bit smaller.  Today I will entertain you with the very important issues in my life right now.

Heather’s Soup Review:

Now at the top of the soup list is Campbell’s Chicken Noodle.  Unfortunately this is not sold in Sweden and I only had one can from the states.  It was much appreciated.  Just the right levels between liquid and solid.

Next is the Swedish military pea soup. Always a popular sick meal around here.  While I do enjoy the pea soup, I wish there was an option of “less pork” or whatever it is they put in there.  The can reads, “Extra mycket fläskkött!”  I used to look for the can that didn’t say this.  I figured if you labelled a can as having “extra,” then there must be a normal version.  I mean, how can it be extra if there was never less in the can to begin with?  This always bothers me.

Yesterday’s selection was Kelda’s Mediterannean Tomato.  I think it’s Mediterannean because they threw an eggplant in there.   Quite tasty though.

Today is the tough decision between Chicken Carribean and Forest Mushroom Soup.  I think Forest Mushroom is going to win because it has better packaging.  Will this improve the quality of the soup?  I know everyone is anxiously awaiting the results.