It’s so cold, our mattress froze

Today I learned that a Tempur mattress can freeze! This is something that I never thought I would have to deal with.

We popped into our country house today after being gone for a few weeks. I thought I would let in a small bit of the gray ‘light’ we get here in the winter, but when I hopped onto the bed to reach the window shade, I thought, “Did we put a sheet of wood under the covers for some reason and I forgot about it?”

But it wasn’t a memory issue, it was a memory foam issue. Who knew? It seems that Tempur mattresses can freeze when the weather gets too cold. Of course, our bed is indoors, but I suppose when the weather has been -13 for a few weeks, it tends to get a little chilly inside.

Image shows a bed made from a block of ice.
Photo is from the Swedish Ice Hotel and not our bedroom. However, I’m starting to see this frozen mattress situation as a possible money maker.