Learning through toilet paper

After accidently purchasing a set of toilet paper filled with words of love in 3 different Scandinavian languages, I started thinking about a better use of my time on the toilet.

I’m guessing the idea with the Words of Love toilet paper is to fill one with peace and serenity while on the commode, but why not take that time to learn something useful instead? Here’s my idea:

You could choose whatever language you would like to learn for your toilet paper.  Then the toilet paper is filled with words in that language relating to the bathroom – “el bano” “toilette” “mensskydd” – the list goes on.  This could also extend to the paper towel line for the kitchen –  “mikrovåg” “tavolo”.

If you still wanted to be educated, but not in languages, you could also go with the “Healthy Living” toilet paper line.  That would have phrases like “Eat more fiber!” and “Beets make you pee red!”

Paper product companies, feel free to email me.  Just wait until you hear what I have planned for maxi-pads.