Am I the only one taking my vitamin D up here in Sweden?  Everyone seems quite depressed lately.  Today was the first day back at work from the holidays.  They called a meeting at work and tried to start with the usual, “How was your vacation?” to break the ice.  This reminds me of the first day of school, when we would all have to introduce ourselves and say something interesting.  It never worked.  I wonder what the teachers imagined it would be:

“Hi I’m Fred and I was raised by wolves!”

When in reality, it was:

“I’m Fred.  I watch t.v.”

The answers don’t get any better in adult situations.   Here’s a sample of the answers to that question at our meeting today:

“My family had stomach flu all Christmas.  It was great.  I had time to paint the walls.”

“Some guy punched my friend in the stomach and ended up in jail on New Years.”

“I had to tell my in-laws they couldn’t come over because I found out they had a highly contagious disease.”

“My son works at the hospital.  Instead of fireworks injuries this year, it was suicides and overdoses.  That was a change.”

and then….

“Oh, but I heard some good news today!  All the little kids that are dying in the hospital downtown get to have a dog.”

Thanks for that positive statement.  Maybe next time, take out the words, “dying” and “hospital” when you follow the good news statement.

I can’t wait to hear what happens over the Easter break.