More free soup!

Lately, I’ve been working a job where I don’t start until around 10am.  While this always gives me a seat on the subway, I realize I’ve been missing out on all the free stuff you get in Stockholm in the early morning rush.  I think I’ve talked about this before.  They often hand out free items with the paper as you enter the subway in the morning – travel toothpaste, candy bar, whatever company is having a promotion.

Well today and tomorrow my husband needs me to drop off my son as he is at a work event so I get to experience the morning freebies!  Today I got tomato soup!  (Not in my hand, but in a nice, sealed container.) I have an awful cold so this is actually perfect.

I am also dropping my son off tomorrow.  If I could get one of those travel packs of tissues, that would be great too (just in case anyone at the transportation department is reading).

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