My son has all the answers

My 6 year old son got a book of “WHY” questions this week from National Geographic.  We wanted him to be interested in the book, so we started asking some of the questions that it asked.  However, it turned out that our son didn’t need this book, as he says he already knows all of the answers.  Here are some of the questions we asked along with his answers:

Why can’t humans talk to animals?
“Because animals aren’t human.”

Why does the wind blow?
“Because that’s it’s job.”

Why do planes fly?
“Because they have wings.”

Our 8-year old, on the other hand, has all the questions.  Unfortunately, most of them can’t be answered by a “WHY” book or many human beings, as they often involve other galaxies.  Maybe if I put the two of them together, they can come up with a really great book.

“What is the definition of life?”
Being alive.

“Are there beings living on other planets in another galaxy?

“Why does Jupiter have so many moons?”
Because it does.

And so on…..