Nobel day

Today is Nobel day in Sweden.  This is when the Nobel awards are given out in Stockholm (except the peace prize which is given out in Oslo).  It’s an exciting day as long as you don’t have to be anywhere near the concert hall where the awards are given out.  Major traffic jam when all the dignitaries arrive.  I believe they even stop all the subways and buses at that time.

Other than that, it’s a lot of fun to keep the television on all day or in the background of your computer.  The royal family attends the event and gives out the awards so the big thing every year is to watch and see what the women are wearing.  This gets more attention in Stockholm than the prize winners.  The front page of the papers the next day usually have what people considered the best dress.

After the awards ceremony, they move to the city hall to have a meal.  There is always a show before the meal.  Usually a theater or opera company.  Then the country gets to watch everyone eat for an hour.  What pressure!  Close your mouth!

I plan on keeping the ceremony in the background most of the day if possible.  It delightful watching royalty and nobel winners making awkward conversation during dinner.  Always good for a laugh.