Little Red Wagon

Home with a sick 6 year old today.  “Sick Six” – that’s hard to say quickly.

This is my own fault for having the thought recently that we had all been very healthy all winter.

The tough part today will be getting to the grocery store.  Normally I would skip it, but we are completely out of some crucial things (yes, that’s right – toilet paper).  I told my husband we need a wheelbarrow that I can put the kids in to take to the store.  I think it would come in handy.   We either need that or a little red wagon.  In Texas, most kids have little red wagons.  They are often used for things like the 4th of July and the zoo.

If I had a little red wagon here, I’d probably take it to the grocery store every time.  In fact, I can’t believe I haven’t had this thought before.  All these years I’ve been punishing myself by carrying heavy grocery bags all the way home when I could have put them in my wagon.

Sweden does have a version of the little red wagon in the winter, which is of course the little red sled.  Works great for both groceries and kids at the same time and I take full advantage.

redwagon     IMG_2228