Oh yeah, I’m still on vacation.

That’s right!  Still on vacation!  And now it’s around 11 days since I wrote this!  (I really can’t keep count, but that seems about right.)

So I’ve been on vacation a full week now.  My guess is that I’ve forgotten what my apartment looks like, plus my old life.  At the moment, my husband and I are probably discussing that we should go to this place more often and for longer.  We are clinging to the last few days of vacation to make it stretch out.  We are thinking that if we win the lottery, we might buy a little house here, along with the other 5 vacation homes we will buy.   We are stuffing our suitcases full of wine and cheese.  We have no idea what’s going on in the world and we don’t care!  Our television set is foreign and we only use it to laugh at dubbed 80s shows.  Life is good.