Onion Rings + Europe = Fail

I got very excited this weekend because we went to check out a new restaurant that opened in Stockholm.  The picture on the web page has a picture of onion rings (big ones) on a hamburger.  I miss onion rings so much and I had high hopes.

But WHY did I not remember that I’ve NEVER seen decent onion rings in Europe?  Everywhere I go here, I’m filled with disappointment over these soggy, tiny little ‘o’s’.



Instead of what I get in the U.S., which is REAL, GIANT, CRISPY, BIGGER THAN YOUR HEAD ONION RINGS!



THIS is what onion rings SHOULD be.  And THIS is why I’m always disappointed with every burger place in Europe.  Challenge  to Sweden – Make these and I will be your faithful customer at least 5 days a week.