Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow

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Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow
Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow
#118 Sister Act
  • #118 Sister Act

    #118 Sister Act

    Mar 20, 2023 • 22:47

    This week we talk with two sisters who moved to Stockholm, both with very different journeys. And they both happen...

  • #117 My First Latvian

    #117 My First Latvian

    Mar 6, 2023 • 26:57

    Diana is most people’s first Latvian. And the podcast's first Latvian as well! She talks to us about dating in Sweden, Latvians around the world and more!

  • #116 Swedish Malicious Compliance

    #116 Swedish Malicious Compliance

    Feb 20, 2023 • 20:41

    Adam from Australia shares his suspicion of ice cream trucks that operate in the winter. What is really going on there?

Alan Turing vs. the Sharknado

This weekend I watched both “The Imitation Game” (nominated for 8 Oscars) and “Sharknado 2″(nominated for 0 Oscars). I will...

Don’t Mess With Texas

There’s a parent at my kid’s school that is ….. hm…. how shall we say….. not a nice person. I...

Time for new shoes 

My son does not agree with my decision to throw his shoes away. “They’re my secret pocket shoes!”   

Who decides? I decide!

My children were complaining this week that the weekends should be longer. I slammed my fist on the table and...

Beaver attack!

These are always my favorite stories around here. But I still have never seen a beaver! I’m always looking for...


I’ve had two jobs now where I’m supposed to encourage others to eat healthy.  Then this turns up. Why do...

Time change

My children had no clue the time changed this weekend. I got up before them and switched all the clocks....

This could be an interesting event

In my food research, I’ve come across something called “The National Restaurant Association’s Show & International Wine, Spirits, & Beer...

A good offer?

I just got an offer in my email for Groupon – “Europe trip with SECRET destination!” Umm… no thanks. Who...

Burger King fragrance

Finally, a great gift idea for Father’s Day.  Won’t my husband be thrilled?

Tomatan – Robot of the future

Lately at my job, I’ve been doing research on food and technology.  Today I came across an article that beautifully combines...

Playground politics

I’ve been reading a book recently on World War 2 and was trying to mention a few things to my...

Give a hoot, don’t pollute

I was reading a post from my hometown in Texas about how many businesses are not keeping up landscaping or...

30 Amazing Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

I saw a friend post this title on Pintrest with a gorgeous summer outdoor bbq, counter, grill and patio furniture in...