Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow

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Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow
Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow
#126 Summer Stories Part Two
  • #126 Summer Stories Part Two

    #126 Summer Stories Part Two

    Jul 10, 2023 • 21:11

    We’re talking to some of our guests from this past spring. We hear a bit about exploring the viking island...

  • #125 Summer Stories Part One

    #125 Summer Stories Part One

    Jun 26, 2023 • 14:14

    In this special summer edition, we find out how former guests Adam from Australia, Matteo from Argentina and Diana from Latvia spend their summers, both in Sweden and around the world.

  • #124 Attack of the Giant Potato

    #124 Attack of the Giant Potato

    Jun 12, 2023 • 20:05

    Today we chat with Ben, who works in comedy, about living in part-time in Linköping, voiceover work, and making a film about all the big things in the small towns across Sweden.

Dreams of the dull

I had a dream last night that I found an amazing treasure – all of my lost earrings of which...

Shopping – Sweden vs. U.S.

An advantage to shopping in Sweden – you can wander around alone in a store all day and not one...

5 minutes

I’ve realized that time is measured in different ways when I talk to my kids., 5 minutes can mean two...


Ad in the paper – “Do you need an extra job?  Come work for us as a part-time pallbearer.” I’m...

A morning without my phone

On Tuesday, I went into town without my iPhone.  Was this some sort of experiment, you ask?  No, I’m an...

Welcome to my nightmare

I had a dream last night that I was suddenly 33 years old.  “Wow,” I thought, “Time really flies.  I...

Ugly cake

My oldest son turns 9 today.  Birthdays are fun, but I always have an ambition to make a special cake...

Can I be in your dragon band?

Ok, this is my new top job on the Swedish unemployment site this week: “Militärmusiker Hornist Vikariat Livgardets dragonmusikkår”  which...

Vintage Zombies

There were 2 events this weekend in Stockholm – and I’m sad I missed out on both – The Vintage...


I often send our local news stories to my friends in Texas about the Swedish wildlife; drunken moose and vanilla...

The Booty Bus

Once again, I have Spotify recommendations.  I thought this was an interesting paring of tastes.  Thanks Spotify!

The days without Internet

Our Internet was out for 3 days.  3 Days!!!  In that time, I’ve read two books, finished a video game,...

Mirror included!

My husband and I will be staying in a hotel this weekend.  I was just looking over what the room...