Posting from the future

I’m on vacation and offline for about a week starting today.  In fact, I wrote this post 4 days ago.

When we go on vacation, we like to stay offline.  Otherwise, it’s not a vacation.  Vacation means getting away from it all and that includes phones and computers.  We give an emergency number to one person and that’s it.  When I’m sitting on a balcony, drinking my wine and looking over the Alps, I don’t need to hear “Bing!” followed by a message like, “Hey, where’d you buy those socks you were wearing last week?”

I also feel no need to check Facebook statuses while on vacation.  I’m having my own amazing food, thank you, so I don’t need to see what my friends are eating.  If I miss your birthday, well you should have scheduled that not to interfere with my vacation.

So through the next week, I’m setting up things to be posted every few days while I’m away for everyone who may not be disconnected and on vacation.  As for me, I’m probably sleeping while you read this.