Salad, soup or….. kangaroo?

I’m going to dinner this evening with one of my friends so I decided to take a look at the menu online.

Looks like I can choose from nachos, salads, hamburgers, or “kangaroo filet.” At first I thought it was just a funny name for a burger or steak because it’s so spicy it’ll hop in your mouth or something, but no. It seems to be actual kangaroo.

“Skewered lemongrass and ginger marinated kangaroo filet in a madeira and shiitake sauce,
with roasted cherry tomatoes, padron pepper and a fig marmelade.”

There are no other unusual animals served at this place.  It’s just the one dish.  I just feel like the owner had a bad run-in with a kangaroo once and is out to destroy them all. It really doesn’t fit in with the rest of the menu.

I think I’ll stick to the nachos.


(image by Carolyn Duff)