Same old routine..

Back again at the unemployment office. And once again, the only seat available for the 2 hour wait is next to the crazed, agitated man who talks to himself and gets up every 10 minutes to tell the employees loudly that the system is wrong.

This place has never once surprised me. It’s the same routine each time. The waiting time is around an hour and a half, there will be at least one crazy person making everyone nervous, and everyone has a defeated look on their faces.

I bring a book and tell myself I’ve simply decided to sit in a new environment to get some reading done. The most ridiculous part is that I’m already in the system and it only takes 5 minutes to put me back in, but I must show up and risk my sanity with all the other unstable people here to prove that I’m in town and not dialing in for unemployment from a remote island in Fiji.

Now back to waiting and thinking of a way to develop a clone to take care of these mundane tasks so I can use that ticket to Fiji.