After all of my teasing of the Swedes who are too eager for spring, I myself became a victim.

Thinking stupidly that since it was April I could take my kids to the lake, I grabbed some stale bread to feed the ducks and marched them on an hour-long walk in a snowstorm to the lake.  Yep, a snowstorm.  On our way there, it started to snow like crazy.  Yet, I still persisted in heading to the lake.  After an hour, we looked at the GPS and found that we were standing on the lake although there was no lake there.  It was completely covered in ice and snow.  I had very angry children on the hour long walk back.

That’s what I get for trying to pretend I live in a normal place, where spring starts now.  Well, that’s it!  I’m fixing my bubble bath, getting my hot chocolate and staying bundled up until May, when I MIGHT try to venture out again.