St. George and the Dragon

I took the kids to a play on Monday.  It was in a 13th century church that is famous for having a statue from the 1400s of St. George slaying a dragon.  A drama group put on a little play for kids in front of the statue to explain the story.  Apart from the really terrible acting, instead of the normal ending to the story (he slays the dragon), they decided to be politically correct and made the dragon a vegetarian.   Quite awful in my opinion, especially when you consider that they were doing this play in front of the statue which is littered with severed body parts and skulls.  Trust me, this is not escaping the children’s attention.

My only favourite part was when they tried audience participation.  The actor said, “I am king.  And since we have run out of animals, we will have to feed the children to the dragon!”

All the kids in the audience say, “Boooooooo!”

Then he says, “But I will make a lottery to choose which child is sacrificed!”

All the kids yell, “YEAA!!!!!!!!