Stab Assistant to the Royal Family!

The job ad says


Now, I know I could just ask or translate that and it means something totally different than I’m thinking, but I prefer to be alone with my thoughts of the Royal Family needing an assistant who stabs things when needed.

Also, isn’t it funny that the Royal Family has to advertise positions on the government website?  It goes under a different name for the organization that’s in charge of their business but I still find it funny.  I can’t imagine the President of the U.S. advertising for things like “window washer” on a national government website.  I’d hate to be the person who has to go through all of those applications.  Even funnier again to imagine the President adverstising for a “stab assistant.”


Edit:    I forgot to add that the reason I found this job is that the government job site recommended this job to me as I have the qualifications.