Subway delays

I was stuck for 15 minutes at a station in the subway the other day.  It reminds me that winter is here and we will have even ore delays.  The worst winter, I was delayed an hour three days in a row.  I was lucky.  Most others were two hours late.

It’s interesting to watch the patterns of people when they have no idea how long they might be stuck on the train.  You have your calm ones that catch a few winks of sleep.

You have your bored ones who keep tweeting and facebooking their morning drama – “Stuck on subway again next to smelly guy with loud headphones.”

And then you have the most entertaining – the nervous ones who feel trapped because they’re going to miss their morning meeting.  They keep looking around the car angrily as though this might be the fault of one of the passengers and if they could just find the right one, they could force them to get the train going again.

As for me, I just get to finish an extra chapter in my book.