Swedish small town

This weekend we were in a small town in northwest Sweden.  The main part of town, which consists of about 2 or 3 roads, is very empty.  It’s often a bit eerie and like a ghost town.   Even the locals share the same opinion, as we noticed from this sign with “Centrum” (center) in quotes:


There are only two hotels in the town.  I will admit that the hotel we did not stay in looked very nice and we had a nice dinner there.  However, the cheaper hotel that we chose certainly had character!  Here is the outside:


We asked family members in town if they thought it would be ok to park our car on the street outside the hotel overnight.  We didn’t want to get a ticket.  That got a huge laugh from the table.  Apparently parking tickets don’t exist here.

I would have taken a picture of our room, but it just can’t be captured through photography.  You have to be there to feel the essence of the place.  Instead I got a picture of some of the hallway decorations.


When you consider the scenery outside the window, which is a ghost town covered in snow, the above framed picture becomes very funny.

But the poster on the stairs was my husband’s favorite:


Apparently there used to be some big plans for this place.

Unfortunately I missed the picture of the old movie theater in someone’s house and the restaurant that shares a building with a funeral parlor.  Maybe next time.