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  • #17 Tapas are the Greatest Invention

    I ask Rosa, from Spain, to fill me in on how people in southern Europe can eat dinner so late and still get up for work in the morning. We […]

  • #13 This Sidewalk IS Big Enough for the Both of Us

    Steve, from England, and host of the podcast “The Experience Designers”, tells us how it is to pick up and move a family with older children to a different country, […]

  • They fought so you can shoot lasers

    Looking through some activities to do in the U.S. this summer and I found a WW2 Destroyer that has tours. Or, since people don’t think a giant war destroying battle […]

  • image shows a hot dog vending machine

    Hot dog vending machine

    Though I generally feel that America is ahead of Sweden when it comes to ridiculous items in vending machines, I do have to admit that Sweden wins this round - a hot dog vending machine. 

  • image shows a Swedish sandwich cake with shrimp and eggs

    It should be against the law….

    The Swedes know he rest of the world would never define this fusion of substances that were never meant to be served together as "cake.

  • Best “ride” I’ve ever seen at a carnival

    Last week was Culture Week in Stockholm.  My friends and I found an area with wonderful rides, our favorite being this one, where kids have to fan their parents for […]

  • Be careful what you ask

    Our Swedish teacher asked our class of students from all over the world today what we thought was different about Sweden and Swedes.  She was bombarded by shouting: “They all […]

  • TAKE IT!

    One of the cultural differences I noticed when I moved to Sweden is that Swedes will never take the last of anything.  If you attend a Swedish party, by the […]