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  • image shows child in giant winter overalls in snow

    #94 The Best Thing About Sweden is Pastry Traditions

    Our guests today are from France, with a side of American. We talk winter and Lucia gear for kids, how to beat seasonal depression and getting your medical needs online.

  • image shows haircutting tools

    #90 The Cutting Edge

    Emily, from Arizona, gives us the lowdown on how it works with hairdressers in Sweden, going to school for a Master’s degree and the sad lack of Crystal Light.

  • image shows car on Swedish icy driving course

    #88 Take a Chance

    We speak to Ana from Mexico City, but this isn’t her first time living abroad. We also talk about learning Swedish through subway announcements & fun times on the icy driving course.

  • Fefferoni in Sweden

    #87 Bionic Shakira

    The expat hosts of the podcast talk about vaccines, Swedish problems and murder house shopping.

  • #79 Knives and Costco Rumors

    Julian, from Winnipeg, talks to us about Småland, Costco rumors and what to bring when you move to another country.

  • #77 Cash, Card or Gold?

    We talk to Tamara, who just arrived 4 months ago. She’s lived in Bosnia, Libya, UK and Dubai! How does Sweden measure up?

  • #74 What Does the Reindeer Say?

    Today we talk with Hwa, from Taiwan, about Swedish eating culture, Bubble tea and reindeer. Also, spotlight on Luleå!

  • #71 Mexican Night of the Radishes

    Shaena from Canada returns! We discuss goat betting, the meaning of 4H and shine a spotlight on Högbo.

  • #68 Ingen reklam, tack

    Today we talk about postal delays, movie theaters re-opening and aqueducts. We also shine a spotlight on Håverud.

  • #67 Coat Strategy

    Mark, from Minneapolis, puts a spotlight on Vreta kloster, denying his involvement with thousand year old skeletons found there. We also ask, “Really, what’s up with Swedish pizza?”