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  • I pee, therefore I am

    On a public restroom in Nice.

  • image shows meatballs on a plate

    #112 Meatballs for Every Occasion

    Ameury from France wants to know why the same food is served for every Swedish holiday.

  • image shows child in giant winter overalls in snow

    #94 The Best Thing About Sweden is Pastry Traditions

    Our guests today are from France, with a side of American. We talk winter and Lucia gear for kids, how to beat seasonal depression and getting your medical needs online.

  • Monsieur T

    Ever wonder what the A-Team theme sounds like in French? Wonder no more! https://youtu.be/oGO-33Fmhw8

  • Idiots on a plane

    A very loud and annoying Swedish woman was sitting in my aisle on the AIR FRANCE plane back to Stockholm. (Safety announcements given in Swedish, English and then a recording in […]

  • Disneyland Paris

    We finally took the kids to Disneyland Paris last week. (You see, you have to wait until they are over 1 meter tall so they can ride things.)  They loved […]

  • Crêpes, crêpes and more crêpes

    After our trip to Paris last week, our children have discovered the joys that are crêpes. Nutella crêpes, Honey crêpes, Maple syrup crêpes, chocolate and more than I can remember. We had crêpes every day of our trip […]