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  • #40 Expat Superpowers

    Luis, who grew up in Spain, talks a bit about his birth country Costa Rica (watch out for alligators), swimming at Saltsjöbaden (fun to swim in, hard to say) and […]

  • #12 Sliding in on a Shrimp Sandwich

    Hana, from Singapore, talks about having to buy socks for the first time in Sweden, typical movie snacks in both countries, and experiencing snow for the first time. Also, compared […]

  • Sweden – your new beach destination!

    It’s HOT! Really hot! And you know it must be bad coming from someone who grew up in Texas and just got back from a vacation there. We’ve had a […]

  • Swedish Summer with no A/C – A poem

    The miniscule electric fan heaves to push tiny breaths of air into the sweltering abode Beads of sweat pour down my neck As I wrap my lengthening hair in my […]

  • Bugs

    One good thing about living in Sweden – a surprisingly small amount of bugs in the house.  No roaches!  Only fruit flies for 2 weeks of the year and maybe […]