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  • image shows bottles of wine

    #119 Maybe Means No

    Marco, from Italy, talks to us about Swedish house parties and importing Italian wine.

  • Appropriate

    Only the most important Italian phrases for me. Thanks Duolingo!

  • The continuing adventures of Italian Duolingo

    Kind of makes you nervous about keeping up with the daily news in Italy.

  • Good for kids!

    Google Maps has this thing where it lets you know if an attraction is “good for kids.” Not sure exactly how well this works, as I found this while looking […]

  • #63 There is no Place Like Rome

    Today we check in with Licia, a former expat to Sweden that returned to her home country of Italy. We talk about the lockdown in Italy and how things are […]

  • Today’s important Italian phrase

      Always useful when traveling.

  • Italian cat food

    It’s always fun to go to the local grocery stores when you’re on vacation in another country. I make sure to bring my camera each time. On the most recent […]

  • Bau Bau Beach

    We saw a beach in Italy last week for dogs. It was called Bau Bau Beach. This was one of the greatest ideas I’d seen. There were dog bowls and […]

  • Is not opinion. Is fact.

    Just back from a 3-week long trip to Italy. Wonderful time, beautiful scenery and excellent food! Why do we keep going to Italy? Well, as you see from this sign: […]

  • Where do you live?

    We are currently on vacation in Italy (yes, I wrote this weeks ago – thanks “schedule feature”! While we are in Italy, we will be taking a road that passes […]

  • From Italy to Sweden

    On the podcast about expats in Sweden today, we talk to a couple of Italians, mainly about food of course, but also about language and some great summer tips in […]

  • #25 Sometimes All You Need is a Kebab Pizza!

    Today we chat with a couple of Italians, mainly about food of course, but also about language and some great summer tips!

  • Italy observations

    As we rode through yet another small Italian town, my oldest son asked, “How come all of these towns have groups of old men just sitting around together all day? […]

  • Full coverage!

    Why does renting a car have to be such a procedure? If we already booked the car and filled in all of our information on the computer, why do we […]

  • The little plane that could

    As I mentioned before, my husband and I took a 4-day long anniversary trip to Italy this past weekend. With only 4 days, we wanted every minute to count, which […]

  • Isabella de’ Medici was not a nice person

    My husband and I celebrated our 18th anniversary in the town of Bracciano, Italy over the weekend. While there, we visited the 15th century castle that towers over the town. […]

  • It still beats roaches

    We had a slight bit of a scorpion problem while renting an apartment in Italy last week. However, I still prefer scorpions to giant Texas tree roaches. Scorpions somehow seem […]

  • Google translate – hours of entertainment

    I looked up reviews on a children’s activity park in Italy, but everything was in Italian so I had to use Google Translate. I don’t know why this person only […]

  • Your guide to Venice (or, yes, I’m still bored)

    I’ve made a family fun guide to Venice in case anyone’s looking to convince their family that this is the place to go!

  • Chicago Cubes

    While we were in Italy, we heard the news about the Chicago Cubs World Series win on the radio. Of course, it took us a while to figure it out […]