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  • Why a goat?

    Why are goats a thing in Swedish Christmas? Let's look at the historical lore on the origins of the Christmas goat.

  • image shows a photo of iceland

    #104 The Book of Icelanders

    Anna is from the land of no McDonalds and no mosquitos - otherwise known as Iceland!

  • #80 Latest News, Breaking Stories and Ice Cream Tips

    Journalist, broadcaster and brunch enthusiast Maddy, from the UK, talks to us about media culture, documentaries, and trying to shock Swedes with insane purchases. Spoiler alert: Can’t be done.

  • #67 Coat Strategy

    Mark, from Minneapolis, puts a spotlight on Vreta kloster, denying his involvement with thousand year old skeletons found there. We also ask, “Really, what’s up with Swedish pizza?”