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  • #53 Can Sweets be Too Sweet?

    Katia and Camilla, both from Brazil, discuss dessert sweetness, fashion and question whether there really is a place called Snake Island. (There is!)

  • #43 Don’t Shake the Baby

    Jarrett, from Calgary, thinks you people are WEAK! You want to see a real winter? Come to Calgary. He also shares some expat stories from when he was a villain […]

  • #24 Learning Swedish Through Cartoons and Soap Operas

    Leonel, from Argentina and one-half of the popular FB page ”Learn Swedish in a FUN way!” gives us the lowdown on how to learn Swedish through cartoons and the 90’s […]

  • Children are our future

    My husband gave a presentation to a 4th grade class yesterday and asked the kids how they veiw the future and what new technologies they think we will have 50 […]