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  • What to wear…

    I’m trying to pack for a vacation, but living in Stockholm and wearing a coat and boots for 6 months now, I’ve forgotten what other temperatures feel like. Here’s what […]

  • Swedish Summer with no A/C – A poem

    The miniscule electric fan heaves to push tiny breaths of air into the sweltering abode Beads of sweat pour down my neck As I wrap my lengthening hair in my […]

  • Why does my children’s school torture the kids?

    Here is the school planning for this week: “This week the children will continue to work with the summer season. Last week they looked at a day at the beach. […]

  • You can’t win

    The temperature is right at freezing and rainy.  I put my youngest son in warm socks and a hat and he is sweating.  I take off the socks and hat […]