The bi-yearly trek to Ikea

Well, it’s January, so that means Ikea time.  Out with the old, in with the new… etc.

I’m sure many people around the world shop at Ikea.  From the ones I have experienced in the states, the routine seems quite the same.  See if you recognize this in your part of the world.

Arrive at Ikea

Drop kids at play center……GO!  You have exactly one hour to finish all shopping!!!

First floor…. too much new information!  Wander in a daze for 10 minutes…suddenly remember… only 50 minutes left til picking up kids!  RUN!

Manage to skip next unnecessary section but get trapped at little item section.  Napkins half off!  I’ve never seen dish brushes at that low price!  Must stock up!  Salad spinner for 30 kr?  I have one, but this one is blue!

Forget time limit again… start wandering around carpet section – Oh! This is a new design.. I wonder if we should try a purple living room…..AH!!!  5 minutes left!  RUN!!!!

Stupid warehouse doesn’t have the shelves I need!  Made this trip for nothing!

Bad customer in front of me!  Don’t argue the price!  You know nothing!  Idea knows all!  If they say its 20, then it’s 20!  Husband/Wife RUN!  If we don’t pick up the kids in the next 30 seconds, Ikea gets to keep them for displays!  RUN!!!!

“Mom, you came too early.  We hardly go to do anything.”