The zombies awaken

Dare I say spring is here?  No, but I will admit the sun has been out for over a week now and the snow has melted down to ice patches mixed with rotting grass and dog droppings.  Ah, the smell of spring!

I refuse to admit spring is here yet as it has snowed in May a few times.  We will see.

We saw some people walking around in shirts with no jacket this weekend.  People are starting to stagger out of their cocoons.  Mind you, the temperature today is -6 c (21 F).  And this weekend wasn’t that far off.  Maybe hovering around 0.  Some people are way too desperate.  I imagine the restaurants will be hauling out the outdoor tables any day now so we can watch people demand to sit outside to eat their cold meal while shivering in blankets and super heating lamps.

If you ever notice a person in your country closing their eyes and directing their head at the sun, they’re probably Swedish.  It’s the most common sight around here lately.

As for me, I’ll wait to drag out the sunglasses and spring jacket until around May 1 – if it’s not snowing.