Things you should do before you’re 40

I found a list online of things to do before you’re 40.  Let’s go through them and see if they apply, shall we?

1. Travel across Europe by train.   Yes, I did this.  We were jammed overnight in a car that slept 6 and had to sleep with our feet on our suitcases because there was no room.  I’ll say most people can skip this one.  Was this list written in 1920?

2. Quit a job.  How about get fired from a job?  Did that when I was 15.  No one told me you couldn’t just call into work to say you were going to an amusement park.  Apparently they frown on that.  Hey, at least I called!

3. Perfect a dish, even if you’re not a skilled cook.   Can’t.  I tried the chocolate beef.  Not a success.  Family doesn’t trust me anymore.

4. Drastically re-invent your look at least once.  Done. Broke my nose 3 years ago.

5. Swim with dolphins.  In Texas, I’ve been swimming with alligators.  Not really to try it, just because I didn’t realize they lived there until after.