Today’s complaint – Delivery men

I was asked today to wait for delivery men to drop off 2 large 250 lbs pinball machines.

I did not want to do this job, because last time I was asked to wait for a couch from Ikea, the delivery men put it on it’s side up in the air (taller than me and completely impractical, even for setting it down).  It’s like delivery men take one look at me (small, girl) and feel like they can use me as their joke of the day.

Today was no different.  This guy just came to the door with 2 giant pinball machines on a wooden pallet (total weight – 500 lbs).  I asked if he could bring it in the door.  He said no and that I could do it myself.  I am 110 lbs.

So now I hope there isn’t a fire, because I’m almost completely blocked in my door with 2 giant machines sitting right outside.  I can barely squeeze past them.

I can’t wait until my kids invent teleportation.  Take that delivery men – don’t need you anymore!