Twilight zone nightclub

I stumbled upon a hidden jazz club the other night.  It was great!  Just a little underground place that you can see when coming out of the movie theater (which I was).  There was a man playing a stand-up bass.  Everyone was age 65 or older.  It was a very Twilight Zone, time traveling moment.  It was what late night on the town should be!  I’d suggest to my husband that we go, but all the people there were giving us dirty looks as we walked out of the theater.  I don’t think the youngsters (under 50) are welcome.  I ended up at a Turkish restaurant instead where they still accept the 35-40 year old crowd.  Our places to hang out are limited to restaurants and ice cream shops.  The coffee places belong to the 20 year olds.   I wonder where the 40 – 50 year olds go?  Late night grocery shopping?