Watch the eclipse – if you can find the sun

Today Stockholm is supposed to have an almost total eclipse – 90% or so I believe.  We’ve been excited all week, I’ve packed special glasses in the kids’ backpacks and reminded them what time it peaks.

However….. after a week of sunny days, today is total cloud cover (with small chance of snow!).  When I took my sons out this morning, I said, “ok, if you’re out after lunch, just look up…uh…… uh  (I twist my head all around)….. well I have no idea where the sun is at the moment, but umm….. go out at 11 and maybe it will be a little darker.”

Honestly, you think on a cloudy day that you would be able to at least tell where the sun is, but I haven’t found it at all.  Oh well… still a few hours to go until we see if there is anything to see.  In the meantime…