Yet another holiday

Today is another holiday here in Sweden. I can’t remember the name of it. 12th day of Christmas holiday or whatever it’s called. What it means is that our children have been home from school for 3 weeks now and are getting major cabin fever. It doesn’t help that it’s -10c outside (14f) so I feel a little guilty kicking them out to go sledding (though it’s not totally stopping me from doing that.)

My oldest was so cold yesterday that he wrapped his scarf completely around his head. I didn’t notice this until we tried to go into a store and he ran right into the huge sign outside the door. We were holding hands so I guess he assumed he didn’t need to see.

It’s a shame that ski masks are so associated with robberies. We could totally go for one right now with a built-in warming system. Maybe if I wore a rainbow or pink glitter princess ski mask I wouldn’t look so threatening? I wonder if they sell those.

I did find this ski mask while looking through the internet. Maybe we’ll go for this one: