2013 remembered in quotes from a 6 year old

To cap off the year, I will now list the best quotes from the year of 2013 by my 6-year old son, Max…..

Max: Why can only adults change their names?
Me: Because kids might pick something they don’t want later. What would you want to be called if you could choose?
Max: Bajsus Korvus (English: Poopus Turdus)

Max: Isla says that if you cut your tongue, you get a snake tongue.
Me: That’s not true. You won’t get a snake tongue, you will go to the hospital.
Max: But Isla saw it for real!
Me: No, she saw it in a cartoon.
(Max very angry at me…thinks a bit..)
Max: When I grow up, I’m going to be a cartoon actor so I can have a snake tongue.

Max: Mamma, can you get me this magazine?
Me: It’s only sold in the U.S.
Max: Can you go there and buy it for me?
Me: It’s going to take me 2 days and 4 plane flights.
Max: Well, just do it already so I can get it!

Max: I can’t sleep. God says I can’t have a time machine because they haven’t been invented.
Me: Well, that’s right. They’re not invented yet. Where would you go if you had one?
Max: I’d go to summer so I could quit having snow in my face.


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