A morning without my phone

On Tuesday, I went into town without my iPhone.  Was this some sort of experiment, you ask?  No, I’m an idiot who dropped my new phone and smashed the glass , so it had to be taken to the shop.

I’m very big on not being attached to technology.  I’m generally quite proud of myself that I turn off my phone each evening about 6pm (I have a home phone if someone needs me).  On the weekends I occasionally forget to turn it on at all and on vacation, it never goes on.  Vacation is a total disconnect.

What I realized Tuesday morning is that during a normal, non-vacation day, I tend to rely on my phone a lot more than I realize.  As I left the house, I thought, “what time does the subway leave?”  But I couldn’t check because I didn’t have a phone.

Then I thought, I wonder what time I’m supposed to pick my son up for choir practice – NO CALENDAR, NO PHONE.

Got to the restaurant to meet a friend and wanted to tell her I was there early – CAN’T MESSAGE.  NO PHONE.

George Clooney and Madonna came riding toward me on a giant moose and I didn’t have a camera because I had – NO PHONE.  (that last one might have just been my imagination)

After lunch I was supposed to meet my husband to get back my phone at 1pm.  But I didn’t know what time it was because I didn’t have a watch and usually use my phone.

My phone is back now, covered in a quilted sort of pad because I can’t be trusted not to drop it again.  I’m so glad to have it back.  I have a really good looking cup of coffee I need to take a picture of.