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  • Cause it just feels wrong to throw them out?

    I saw this article, at first thinking it was about my husband, but then realizing they said ‘phones’ and not ‘cords’. However, we actually do have about 11 old mobile […]

  • Indestructible

    My husband started the morning by showing our young boys the indestructible power of an old Commodore 64 joystick. Now, I could write about how we are low on money […]

  • Everything was better in the …

    … insert decade here. I’m sure you’ve gotten one of these emails before, or seen a post on Facebook about how much better it was in the 1950s. “We didn’t […]

  • A 10 year old with a phone

    Now that my son has to travel on his own to school, we gave him his own phone. Giving a 10-year old their own phone results in daily messages like […]

  • A morning without my phone

    On Tuesday, I went into town without my iPhone.  Was this some sort of experiment, you ask?  No, I’m an idiot who dropped my new phone and smashed the glass […]

  • Invaders

    Something keeps beeping from somewhere in my house. My husband says it’s the new phone he got.  But it’s not coming from the phone. I’m pretty sure I’m being invaded. […]

  • Old-fashioned

    A 10 year old girl asked to use my desk phone yesterday.  Here’s how it went: Girl: How do I dial? Me: Just dial direct.  You don’t need anything special […]

  • English

    Conversation I had on the phone today: Me: Hello, I’m calling about…. Lady: Speak English please. Me: I AM speaking English. I’m calling about…. Lady: Please can you speak English? […]